I love to create joy and beauty through my artistic work

Erna Valentini

born 1962 in Bressanone, Italy. Being creative was a measure of the inner well-being since her early childhood.


1984-1996 she worked as a trained Make-up Artist and as a special effects operator  for theater, film and TV and  lived in Rome, Munich, Madrid.

Here are some of her most exciting productions where she took part in.

The Neverending Story

Part II in Munich 1989. In addition, she has renovated the bat from the first Part, for the Bavaria Filmtour

The Young Indiana Jones

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles by George Lucas, 1991 Barcelona / Almeria, Spain.

Fabrica de los Sueños

Special effects major projects with Colin Arthur in the «Fabrica de los sueños» Madrid, Spain.

The construction of a dragonfly with 9 m wingspan for the special exhibition of the Natural History Museum «Amada Tierra» in 1992, Spain.

Street Theater Madrid

The construction of a smoke exhaling dragon for a street theater in Madrid, Spain.

The Atlantic Ocean

in 1994 during her time in Spain for a creative break, she crossed the Atlantic Ocean as a member of a 8-men crew on the 32m sailing yacht «Esprit».

They sailed from Palma de Mallorca to Fort Lauderdale in 24 days.

This was followed by a four-month stay in Florida, Bahamas and California.

The transition

1995 Madrid the transition to be a visual artist was gradual.

Erna Valentini discovers her love and passion for working with Papermache, a wonderful material through wich she can express her creativity, artistic abilities and inventiveness.

1998 Munich she left the Film industry and founded her art studio Arte Valentini “Art to Experience – Dreams of Papermache“.

Since 2006 she leads the art studio in her hometown Bressanone.



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Kinetic Art Project


The Kinetic Art Project «EOLIPSYS» opens up new worlds of ideas and artistic expressions. It frees her from self-imposed tight frames, like the use of pre-established materials.

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