Papermache Sculptures for Kids

grow up with Art


Animals become chairs and best friends

chair seat

heigth 30cm


60 x 60cm x 50cm high


Nigthstand and when the ligth is turned off, the stars in the inner wing ligth of

120cm x60cm


with a bowl as a shelf and if you look in the mirror, then yourself are the Prince

Sculptur 125cm x 45cm



rocking chair

120cm x 50cm

Angel Fairys Lillys

Elephant storage box

a perfect toy box

110cm x 70cm










about papermache


Fundamentally there are two processing techniques. One is the so-called laminating technique. The other one is about creating a paper pulp, which is pasted and modelled in layers over a structure. By using this technique, the required drying time, between one step and the next, takes a couple of days. Even though it is an elaborate, often weeks-long, process, this procedure keeps the piece light, yet extremely durable. Such concepts as high stability and long durability inspired the artist to create children’s furniture.

“Art Experience – Dreams of Papermache“.

Her works are mainly commissioned works